data storage

Using cloud, UmbraGroup protects data from earthquakes

Aviation clients including Boeing, U.S. Airways, Lufthansa, Airbus and Lockheed-Martin rely on Italian company UmbraGroup to supply mechanical components to keep their airplanes in top working order. UmbraGroup relies on IBM Cloud to make sure that its data stays safe so that all those aviation clients can keep their aircraft flying. UmbraGroup’s main datacenter is […]

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Storing furniture or data, some things are better left at home

Many of you may find the title of this post quite odd. Rest assured that hiding behind it are my thoughts on the initial steps toward moving your data to the cloud. When you move from one residence to another, you sometimes have furniture that you don’t want to put into the new place. In […]

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How your data leaks from a virtual machine

Protecting your data depends on your ability to understand how it can leak from a virtual machine.

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