data governance

New tools boost data governance ahead of GDPR implementation

Protecting sensitive data is more important now than ever. Organizations obviously want to protect customer information and their reputations, but beyond that, new regulations are making data governance mandatory. With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to go into effect in May 2018, IBM announced major improvements to data governance and data science […]

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Building effective data governance with cloud

Travis Perkins, a UK-based builders’ merchant, has put considerable resources into improving its websites and building a mobile channel, because customers expect to be able to shop online with their mobile devices. Builders always have a smartphone with them; it’s the tool of choice when they’re on site. DIYers expect to shop online at any […]

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How hybrid cloud solves data localization and regional compliance challenges

Your U.S.-based company is humming along with steady growth and your CEO informs you that the company is expanding globally. Your data centers and IT infrastructure are all within the U.S. border. While your high speed and reliable network provider would like to support you outside the U.S., you realize region specific and country specific […]

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