Migration to cloud: It is all about workloads

Three years ago, when everybody started talking about cloud computing, every application and system seemed to be a good candidate to be migrated to the cloud. It was a time when few really understood the implications of migrating business applications and data to the cloud… or maybe the hype of cloud computing eclipsed any possible drawback.

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What’s so funny ’bout trust, insight, and understanding

Within my previous article in this blog about the term of cloud computing in general, I mentioned that cloud computing comes in different flavors depending on how you look at it, and what is in it for you. Ah – let's stop here – so what really is in it for you? That's a good question! Depending on whom you ask, you often would hear something like "you can turn your captial expenses into operational expenses (CAPEX to OPEX)," or "you can decrease your time to market by leveraging rapid deployment of needed infrastructure for your projects," or "you can optimize your server utilization," or, or...

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