Smarter Cities Challenge aims to make lasting urban improvements

Over the past few years, a lot of cities have made a lot of improvements. Memphis, Tennessee improved response times during health emergencies. Pingtung County, Taiwain implemented a smart microgrid for renewable energy. Syracuse, New York mobilized resources to find more homes for more people. Leaders in those particular cities developed the initial ideas, but […]

Cloud technology can help businesses prepare for Brexit

A majority of voters in the United Kingdom chose June 23 to leave the European Union. Business leaders in the UK and across the EU face a period of great uncertainty. While negotiations around the precise terms of the so-called Brexit have yet to begin, speculation on matters such as access to markets, movement of […]

A brief history of cloud computing

One of the first questions asked with the introduction of a new technology is: “When was it invented?” Other questions like “When was it first mentioned?” and “What are the prospects for its future?” are also common. When we think of cloud computing, we think of situations, products and ideas that started in the 21st […]

4 key design considerations for a multi-tenant cloud

Cloud uses multi-tenancy to share IT resources, software and services in a cost efficient and secure way. Ever wondered what it takes to achieve multi-tenancy in a hybrid cloud? This intrigued me until I was involved in designing multi-tenant cloud solutions. Multi-tenancy is not new. We have been using it in various forms, one common […]

Letting customers decide who really leads in cloud

When people discuss “the cloud,” what they’re really talking about is the vast landscape of cloud solutions. Today, clouds fuel apps that are touched by thousands of organizations and millions of people every day. In a lot of ways, the cloud has become the invisible thread weaving its way through everything digital, in one form […]

Bringing secure blockchain services to the cloud

Blockchain has a number of different uses, but some users are hesitant to dive in because of security concerns. In some cases, the decentralized control of the system—a permissionless database with an ever-growing list of data records—could leave back doors open for unauthorized access. IBM is looking to alleviate those concerns with a new, cloud-based […]

Cloud technology: A game changer for athlete training and health

With the opening ceremonies of the Rio Olympics less than a month away, this Olympics will showcase the most innovative technology the Games has ever seen. From sensors that allow fans to monitor athletes’ heart rates in real time, to lap counters at the bottom of swimming lanes, technology is changing the entire landscape of […]

Hybrid cloud is about choice

Demands on IT architects are high. Among their myriad responsibilities, they’re called upon to align IT strategy with changing operational and regulatory requirements, respond to changes in a timely manner and secure and consolidate traditional IT systems with new applications to reduce costs. They’re also faced with the task of creating architectural solutions that drive […]

IBM MobileFirst platform adds cloud option

Mobile development increasingly becoming the norm for businesses. According an IBM Institute for Business Value study, 77 percent of executives plan to undertake at least five enterprise mobile initiatives over the next year. As more and more enterprises take advantage of cloud computing, it only makes sense that mobile development and cloud technology should work […]

Moving to the cloud is strategic for education in India

Disruptive technologies have redefined how knowledge is created, disseminated and consumed. Gone are the days when learning was restricted within four walls of a classroom at fixed times. The education system has come a long way from classroom education to distance learning, eLearning and now personalized learning. The digital generation demands access to learning anytime, […]

Payments firm FleetCor moves infrastructure to IBM Cloud

If you aren’t familiar with specialized payments company FleetCor, here are the details: it powers about 1.9 billion financial transactions per year and expects to exceed $1.7 billion in sales in fiscal 2016. The company has just announced that it will move its infrastructure to IBM Cloud. FleetCor provides payment cards for business expenses such […]

UBS: IBM joins cloud computing’s top 4

A recent UBS survey of corporate information technology executives found that the biggest players in the cloud market, including IBM, will continue to grow. “Cloud is not a winner-take-all market,” the report stated, noting that IBM will “hold its own” and is among the top four cloud providers. In particular, IBM is strong in the […]