Cloud integration with Cast Iron

If I look at some of my own personal data that I've accumulated over the years, for example - my contacts - I can tell you that I have that sort of information stored in at least three places: on my phone, on my computer, or written down somewhere. I can also safely say that there's a great deal of overlap between each of these sources, and also a great deal of inconsistency.

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It’s all about the business: Winning in the cloud with IBM Cloud Service Provider platform

In a previous blog post, “The new “C” in CSP: from communications to cloud service provider”, I discussed the analysts’ estimates on public cloud market opportunity and expected growth. I explained why communications service providers (CSPs) are uniquely positioned to take advantage of this opportunity. I also summarized the actions that CSPs must take to […]

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Leveraging cloud for business process management

As cloud offerings graduate from pure infrastructure services to higher level business services, enterprises are investigating how to harness cloud for their business process initiatives. Many enterprises and vendors get stuck into having a version of Business Process Management (BPM) technology suite running on the cloud. That is only part of the puzzle. Several other […]

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