MediStreams chooses IBM Cloud for healthcare provider billing solutions

Healthcare is likely the most difficult example of accounts receivable on the planet. In other industries, invoices go out, and either some or all the money for that invoice comes back and gets posted. Then you move on. In healthcare, you almost never receive the amount invoiced. For example, you go to the doctor and […]

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Creating your first virtual server in SoftLayer: Billing options

This blog series will give a step-by-step tutorial on ordering a new virtual server instance on SoftLayer, an IBM company.  As you’ll see in the steps below, using the web interface to provision SoftLayer is extremely simple and fast. To prove how fast and simple this process is, I’m going to have my nine-year-old daughter […]

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Three ways the cloud will mess with your business processes

In our last installment, I wore my system administrator hat and tried to explain why system administrators might be resistant to the types of change that infrastructure as a service can cause. As an equal opportunity annoyer, I will pick on the business managers today.

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