Apache Spark

Data management and Kubernetes come together in IBM Cloud Private for Data

In addition to the short-term benefits of IBM Cloud Private for Data — a data management platform built on Kubernetes with support for Db2, MongoDB and Postgres databases — General Manager for IBM Analytics pointed to the long-term effects in an article at Container Journal this week. As IT organizations continue to take advantage of […]

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Automate big decisions in a big data world

No longer only the domain of science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to impact everything from how steel is produced to how banks recommend financial products and even to how farmers grow lettuce. It could even change how people move around cities and do business. At its core, AI can be defined as a […]

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Cloud-based Data Science Experience to accelerate production

In an announcement that coincided with the Spark Summit in San Francisco, IBM unveiled a new Data Science Experience integrated development environment last week. The cloud-based environment uses what IBM Analytics Product Development VP Rob Thomas calls the “analytics operating system” of Apache Spark to help data scientists collaborate with one another to ultimately get […]

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