AT&T and IBM partner for analytics with Watson

Today at IBM InterConnect, we learned that IBM is partnering with AT&T to support enterprise customers’ Internet of Things (IoT) with data insights. This data is huge for business customers, but is only valuable with real-time, meaningful insights. AT&T will be using a variety of IBM products including: Watson IoT Platform: to build the next […]

Cognitive computing and analytics come to mobile solutions for employees

The Drum caught up with Gareth Mackown, partner and European mobile leader at IBM Global Business Services, at the Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona to ask him about how mobile solutions are becoming more vital for not only an enterprise’s customers, but also employees. “Today, organizations are really being defined by the experiences […]

Cloud-based genomics means fast, secure and affordable analytics

The big bottleneck for research centers and clinical labs doing genomic analysis no longer comes from the sequencing itself, but the data analysis. That’s why labs turn to Bluebee’s cloud-based genomics solution that flexibly and accurately supports scientific projects and patient diagnoses. Customers can analyze sequenced DNA or RNA data coming from any type of […]

3 strategies to ready your organization for cloud-based innovation

After years of heeding warnings about being disrupted, giant corporations are now behaving like startups. At Allstate, for instance, projects that used to take a year are now turned around in a week. The cloud is driving this agile approach from the inside and the outside. Internally, cloud technologies have made it possible to try […]

Smarter Cities Challenge aims to make lasting urban improvements

Over the past few years, a lot of cities have made a lot of improvements. Memphis, Tennessee improved response times during health emergencies. Pingtung County, Taiwain implemented a smart microgrid for renewable energy. Syracuse, New York mobilized resources to find more homes for more people. Leaders in those particular cities developed the initial ideas, but […]

P.L.M. Industries moves logistics beyond human error with cloud

According to a Federal Bureau of Investigation report, industry expert analysts estimated companies lost more than $30 billion a year due to cargo theft. Loss and theft are continuous, whether in the air, by train, or over the road with truckers. In the first quarter of 2016, Freight Watch International recorded 221 cargo thefts with […]

Why analytics is a key tool for retail

Success in retail is contingent on offering the customer the right product in the right environment. Matching the two can be hard, since no two customers are the same, and external forces as diverse as catwalk trends and the weather affect demand and purchasing decisions. In the digital age, consumers interact with stores and service […]

Why Bluebee chose IBM as a strategic partner

It is essential for startups to build strategic partnerships with key players in the market. For my company, Bluebee, a relatively small outfit, larger, key players do not necessarily come to mind as logical partners for success. Bluebee offers cloud-based services for genomics analytics on a global scale for research labs, clinical users, diagnostics companies, […]

Analytics on cloud opens a new world of possibilities

Data has become the most valuable currency and the common thread that binds every function in today’s enterprise. The more an organization puts data to work, the better the outcomes. How can we harness data in a way that makes lives easier, more efficient and more productive? Where can we find the insight from data that will […]

Bluemix Local System can help banks ease operational pressures and boost innovation

The banking sector is facing some tough challenges. New entrants into the sector are quickly gaining customers through innovative services and because of increasingly stringent regulations. The urge for greater operational agility in response to new business models and rapidly evolving customer preferences is made even stronger by the market’s disruptor/disrupted scenario. Many banks’ lack […]

Great mobile applications come from a great mobile development platform

Users increasingly expect more and more from their mobile applications. Where mobile apps once simply supplemented a larger application with useful-but-limited functionality, they now — in many cases — have become the key interface that drives sales or user adoption of a service because they offer an “any time, any place” experience. Increased functionality has […]

Conquering impossible goals with real-time analytics

“Past data only said, ‘go faster’ or ‘ride better,'” Kelly Catlin, Olympic Cyclist and Silver Medalist, shared with the audience at IBM World of Watson event on 24 October. In other words, the feedback generated from all her analytics data sources — the speed, cadence, power meters on her bicycle — was generally useless to this […]