ITIL and cloud combination: bread and butter or oil and water?

Whenever I think about ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), I remember the glaciers that I was not able to thoroughly enjoy on my Alaska cruise back in 2006. Because of a last-minute change in the exam date, my ITIL V2 Manager Exam was scheduled to be right after the day I was returning from my […]

Multi-customer, multi-tenancy considerations

Multi-tenancy in cloud service models implies a need for policy-driven enforcement, segmentation, isolation, governance, service levels and chargeback billing models for various consumer constituencies. Consumers might use a public cloud provider’s service offerings or actually might be from the same organization, such as separate business units rather than distinct organizational entities, but still share infrastructure. […]

Implementation considerations for public cloud

When you think about using public cloud solutions for key pieces of business functionality consider several things prior to moving the workload to a public cloud. First, consider the application integration requirements with workloads that exist in the traditional data center. This means selecting the right workload for the public cloud environments. Organizations should engage […]

Linux security enhancements on IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

Takeaway: Operating system images available in IBM SmartCloud Enterprise are more tightly secured than “out-of-the-box” installations. When you install Red Hat or SUSE Linux from scratch, you get an operational Linux server that is reasonably secure. However, widely accepted best practice suggests that you should take time to further lock down the security of that […]

Partnering with IBM in cloud computing

Cloud computing is rapidly growing with solutions at the infrastructure, platform, and application services. IBM Cloud Computing Specialty enables the business partner ecosystem to participate in this multi-billion dollar emerging global market. IBM Cloud Computing Specialty accelerates business partner cloud solutions by targeted enablement including training, assessment, and business development workshops. Additionally, the program also […]

Apple’s iCloud: Why should we care?

In the technology world, cloud computing seems to be the new black. This was recently underlined by Apple’s announcement of iCloud at their recent developer. This could be considered great news for the Cloud industry. You know you’ve arrived as an industry when a consumer giant like Apple brings the concept to the consumer space […]

#cloudchat Recap: “Security”

Thanks to everyone that contributed to #cloudchat this week and our special guest, Harold Moss.   Security is always a popular and interesting topic that often makes the headlines for the wrong reasons. If you missed this months #cloudchat don’t forget you can always catch up here and join us for the next one, August […]

Cloud security considerations

When looking to move workload to cloud environments, most Chief Information Officers will say that security is the number one concern. To address those concerns, IT organizations must consider several aspects of security to ensure they do not put their organizations at risk as they explore cloud computing. Some of these concerns regarding security have […]

#Cloudchat: Join us for our second Twitter chat July 14

Our second installment in the #cloudchat series will focus on a topic that came up as a top hindrance to cloud adoption in our last chat: security. This Thursday, July 14 at 4 p.m. EDT, we’ll discuss what questions you should be asking your cloud provider about security as well as how to implement a […]

IBM Workload Deployer: Application-centric cloud platform (Part 2 of 3)

IBM Workload Deployer focuses on an application-centric model, defining virtual application patterns that incorporate capabilities such as autonomic scaling, caching, load balancing, and so on. It promotes the concept of deploying and managing your application workloads in a shared, self-managed environment rather than manually creating and managing the application middleware topologies. This concept promises to […]

Data storage for IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

When a virtual machine (or instance) is run in the cloud, it can have two distinct types of storage available: Ephemeral storage is directly associated with each particular instance; it is created when the in-stance is first started, and goes away when the instance is deleted. It can be thought of as similar to the […]

Demo: IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

I recently had the opportunity to try out the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise (formerly known as Smart Business Development & Test on the IBM Cloud), which is IBM’s public cloud offering. I was so impressed at the ease and speed of setting up a new virtual machine (VM) instance that I thought I’d share my experience. […]