Why small and midsize businesses (SMB) should consider the cloud

It’s becoming increasingly clear that cloud solutions provide significant benefits to companies of all sizes, but a recent study shows that less than 10 percent of organizations believe their existing IT infrastructure is fully prepared to address the proliferation of mobile devices, social media, data analytics and cloud computing. This was formerly considered the IT department’s responsibility, but business […]

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Five ways the healthcare industry benefits from cloud computing

While many industries benefit from the cloud, it has been especially the case for the healthcare industry, resulting in improved outcomes. Let’s take a look at some of the areas that are bringing significant benefits to the industry. Data analytics: The exploitation of data by applying analytical methods such as statistics, predictive and quantitative models […]

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Cloud powers the future of composable business

Cloud computing’s proliferation and its accompanying technologies is old news. We’re reading more and more stories about the latest cloud advancements and adopters every day, creating a veritable hype cycle. How these technologies mature and become rapidly applied across eco-systems, business and IT will affect everyone in profound ways, regardless of their business or where […]

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Do you have a cloud computing career plan?

Each time that something new comes up we can clearly identify a great opportunity to be ahead of our peers by preparing ourselves in the way the market is requiring. IT Service Providers are running fast to be prepared to deliver the best of breed in terms of technology on cloud computing and to achieve […]

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Top 10 ways to secure your SaaS application

Did you know that the latest IBM 2013 Cyber Security Intelligence Index study indicates that an average organization sustains about 1,400 security events like SQL injection, spear phishing and URL tampering, per week?

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Which businesses are adopting cloud computing first?

Note: Through the end of the year, we’ll be posting one blog per day from our top 10 “greatest hits” from Thoughts on Cloud since we launched in September. This post is #5 and was originally published on Nov. 1. In its 2011 CIO study, IBM found that 60 percent of 3,000 CIOs interviewed from […]

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