Corporate training is about to get a whole lot smarter

Video’s power to engage makes it a go-to tool for employee onboarding and training, especially among companies looking to reach large groups through a single stream. A majority of organizations surveyed by Wainhouse Research use online video for one-to-many training scenarios. But companies that merely accumulate volumes of training video, risk diminishing returns without a […]

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Is your cloud strategy ready for the cognitive era?

This morning, IBM World of Watson 2016 welcomed thousands to explore the latest developments in the cognitive era of computing. Conversations are buzzing about the intelligence that will reshape the trajectory of business. I’m here on the ground, and the energy is electrifying.  Cognitive capabilities, endless possibilities   World of Watson spotlights the future of cognitive […]

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Majesco teams with IBM to bring cognitive cloud to insurance

The insurance business is all about anticipating and preparing for what may happen in the future. That could be why Majesco, which provides core insurance software, consulting and services for providers across the world, has formed a five-year partnership with IBM to offer a cognitive, cloud-based platform to give insurers the power to develop new […]

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Hybrid cloud integration for the cognitive business

As nearly 150,000 people prepare to descend on the Bay Area for Dreamforce 2016, I’ve been thinking about why people choose applications such as Salesforce to streamline and improve their business effectiveness. The answer is pretty simple: they want to improve the way they connect to their customers and gain competitive advantage for their businesses. […]

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Cognitive computing is driving ROI on cloud

A driving force in cloud adoption is the cost savings one gets from eliminating physical servers, then migrating applications and data into the cloud. This reduces up-front capital expenditures (CAPEX) and enables budget planning that is based around operating expenditures (OPEX) and on-demand service provisioning. Undoubtedly this propels pricing competition among major cloud service providers. […]

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In 2012, founder Oliver Dlouhy was looking for an affordable flight from the Czech Republic to Portugal. Noting the expense of the direct flight options available online, Dlouhy spent a day combing through various websites, finally purchasing two less costly flights from different airlines. The lengthy process inspired Dloughy to create a new online […]

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What could you accomplish with quantum computers?

In my previous article, I explained how quantum computers find answers to complex sets of problems that today’s classical (non-quantum) computers are really bad at solving. Quantum computers enable algorithms to complete their analyses in fewer steps than classical computers do. I encourage anyone to learn quantum computing basics by trying quantum computing on IBM […]

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What CIOs and developers have in common: Cognitive cloud

Cloud is just another word for IT infrastructure, right? Yes, but it’s so much more. Cloud is also about creating new cognitive apps, accessing new data sources, connecting apps and driving business innovation. Because of public cloud’s reach and scale, now anyone from chief information officers to developers can combine cognitive capabilities with cloud-based solutions. […]

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Cognitive cloud is helping transform customer care experiences

Customers now expect fast access to information and increased personalization across their choices of channels and devices. Expectations are growing for proactive, personalized insight using client understanding and preferences. As new products and services come to market at an increasing rate, customer care agents must be ready to answer questions and add value to the […]

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Cloud-based Data Science Experience to accelerate production

In an announcement that coincided with the Spark Summit in San Francisco, IBM unveiled a new Data Science Experience integrated development environment last week. The cloud-based environment uses what IBM Analytics Product Development VP Rob Thomas calls the “analytics operating system” of Apache Spark to help data scientists collaborate with one another to ultimately get […]

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Analytics in a hybrid cloud environment

Why are data management and analytics so critical in hybrid cloud environments? Simple: A whole lot of data in a whole lot of places. First, you’re creating an enormous amount of data with all those new applications in the cloud. So you need a way to manage and analyze that data just as you do […]

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Understanding dark data and its impact

Dark data, a form of operational data that is stored but typically not otherwise used, is important to consider when it comes to your cloud-based knowledge base. Your business collects that info, but it won’t use it for much else. That may sound difficult to bear, what with the data not being used for anything […]

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