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Systems of discovery: Where cloud, big data and IoT intersect

Up to this point, it seems each major movement in digital technology is seen as its own separate era. You may have heard people make big proclamations over the last few years like, “This is the cloud era,” or “This is the era of the smart phone,” and “We’re entering an era of big data […]

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Cloud computing empowers mobile, social, big data

My friend, Thomas, recently asked me: “What kind of work do you do with cloud, and how does it make the world a better place?” Wow, what a question! Should it be part of my professional goal to make the world a better place? This was an interesting idea, especially since IBM aims to “build […]

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Cloud computing and big data: An ideal combination

Since its inception, information technology has been exclusively available for technology companies, large organizations, government and educational institutions. That was until the emergence of cloud computing in a process many call the “democratization” of information technology.

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