Will Sellenraad

5 Must Haves for Effective Claims Processing

Today’s Post By: Will Sellenraad, Principal, Insurance, Pyramid Solutions, Inc. How efficiently do you process new claims that arrive by email, fax, paper and mobile? Can your claims processors retrieve customer data across all departments in one search? What about the ability to analyze content to identify patterns of similar claims by the same claimant? […]

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Making the Case in Claims Processing

According to the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), 52% of organizations work from three or more systems and 62% of organizations strongly depend on the file share as a key repository.* That means insurance providers are unintentionally using disparate processes and creating content dumping grounds. The headache begins with structured logic (aka workflows) […]

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Empower Your Claims Reps by Putting Content to Work

Imagine cutting 13 minutes off the time it takes to process every claim. Now… Multiply 13 minutes by the number of claims a single handler processes in one week Multiply that time by the number of handlers your institution has Finally, multiply that by the 52 weeks in a year That’s how much time your […]

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