Tom Randles

Why we added new map tools to Netcool

I had the opportunity to visit a number of telecommunications clients using IBM Netcool over the last year. We frequently discussed the benefits of have a geographically mapped view of topology. Not just because it was nice “eye candy” in the Network Operations Center (NOC), but because it gives an important geographically-based view of network […]

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Add performance insight to your network operations

“Elegant and simple. Our network operations team are going to like this.” A systems manager I recently met in the UK made these positive comments regarding the newly-released Network Device Dashboard, part of the IBM Netcool Operations Insight (NOI) offering. This new device-centric dashboard presents a view of all relevant device data to enable quick […]

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Netcool and golden configuration

A recurring challenge for network engineers concerns compliance adherence for the myriad of devices associated with a company’s “golden” standards. This may be due to ad-hoc changes made by experts to solve one problem on the fly, which could then end up breaking something else such as bandwidth levels or security. Defining configuration compliance checks […]

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