Stephanie Wing

Mobile is changing the world – is your organization ready for Mobile Capture?

Work dynamics and consumer expectations are constantly evolving. In fact, “IDC predicts that Smartphone and tablet spending will hit $484 billion, generating 40% of all IT growth” (IDC MaturityScape Benchmark:  Enterpise Mobilty in the United States, May 2015 , IDC# #256392). Employees work from remote locations and with increased connectivity and power in mobile technology, […]

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What is customer loyalty worth to your business?

I used to work as a Sales Manager at J. Crew, the booming apparel retail chain, and we were always in the business of making customers happy. J.Crew is known for both its unique approach to design, AND its devotion to excellent customer service. There would be many times customers would call into our contact […]

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Move to IBM Datacap on Cloud: Your Bridge to Digital Transformation

Cloud computing has become synonymous with modernization. IBM recently did a C-suite study and discovered that 66 percent of CIOs expect cloud computing and services to transform the way businesses operate. IBM’s managed cloud hosting solutions can help CIOs and IT leaders focus on growth assignments by reducing the daily management of enterprise applications. So, […]

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