Maamar Ferkoun

Cloud computing helps the food industry grow

According to KPMG LLP’s 2013 Food and Beverage Industry Outlook survey, 100 US-based senior executives from companies in the food industry, with more than $1 billion in revenue, saw cloud computing as an industry growth factor that could provide deeper interaction with consumers and increase business opportunities. This is, of course, if the organizations effectively deploy the […]

Cloud computing helps airline industry soar

In a bitterly competitive business environment, the airline industry has gone to great lengths cutting costs and reducing the workforce. In the process, major air transport companies have been losing out to budget companies operating at a lower cost by using more agile processes while delivering better quality of service. So how could cloud computing be […]

Cloud computing helps agriculture industry grow

We have been witnessing a steady trend in the loss of agricultural land and biodiversity worldwide. Adding to this, adverse weather conditions induced by climate change and an increase in the world population struggling for scarce resources are projecting a grim picture of the future. We may be able to alter or even reverse this […]

Cloud security 101: Protecting your data

CEOs at large and small organizations around the world are discussing cloud computing. While there’s no doubt that the cloud can provide key benefits, many companies and individuals are still concerned about data security in light of recent reported breaches of privacy. So what should you be on the lookout for when entrusting a service […]

Cloud-based literacy programs thrive in developing countries

While high levels of literacy are taken for granted in developed nations, people in large swaths of the developing world, particularly rural areas in India and Africa, are deprived of basic things such as education, access to libraries, bookstores and the means to access information anytime and anywhere. Though many developing nations suffer from substandard […]

Cloud computing and data security: Are they at odds?

Security has been a concern since the inception of cloud computing, and that concern remains to this day. While the worry is not without reason, there are ways to mitigate the risks based on informed decisions. So how can you ensure that you have made the optimum decisions before handing over your data to a […]

Will cloud computing be a game changer in the energy sector?

Reducing resource waste is on everyone’s mind these days, and “going green,” even if it’s not on the top of everybody’s agenda, is still the right thing to do. Did you know that cloud computing is helping to reduce the environmental impact of computing services and infrastructure? This includes carbon emissions from data centers as […]

Cloud computing goes to college

Higher education institutions face increasing challenges due to shrinking revenues, budget restrictions and limited funds for research and development. In line with the people, process and technology paradigm, many educational institutions are exploring various initiatives to address these challenges. Some are looking toward business transformation strategies and an ideological shift to enterprise culture to address […]

Cloud computing and business intelligence

According to Gartner, business intelligence and analytics will remain top focus for CIOs through 2017, and cloud-based business intelligence (BI) is projected to grow from $0.75 billion in 2013 to $2.94 billion in 2018 (download source here). Cloud computing has been gaining traction thanks to improvements in technology, but while this is significant, it has […]

Cloud computing: Gaining a tactical edge on the battlefield

In my previous blog post, “Governments are capitalizing on the cloud,” I discussed how governments are starting to embrace cloud computing for its multiple benefits such as scalability, flexibility and cost savings. One government agency, the US Department of Defense, is harnessing this technology to achieve superiority on the battlefield in both conventional conflicts and […]

Can developing economies reap the benefits of cloud computing?

Much has been written and discussed about cloud computing and its benefits. While this may be considered normal in a developed economy, it’s not necessarily the case in the developing world. The vast majority of data centers are located in developed countries. This has deprived developing nations from acquiring the infrastructure they need to sustain swift and […]

What is next with IBM Watson? (Part 2)

In my previous post, I mainly focused on IBM Watson cognitive technology and the cloud.  Who would benefit from IBM Watson in a cloud environment? What is the best way to use these technologies? While it is easy to explain the benefits of cognitive technology, we have yet to see how cloud would add value […]