Lisa Hammitt

Connect with cognitive computing innovators at InterConnect

When is a mall no longer a mall? When it becomes a gathering of disruptive technology, a destination for pop-up shops and a bridge for the customer’s physical and digital shopping experience. Westfield Centre in San Francisco is the retailing flagship, radically personalizing shopping and reinventing the in-store and digital customer experience using beacons, sensors, […]

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Love, sister…it’s just a swipe away

The Rolling Stones 1969 classic song “Gimme Shelter” was about mood, mavericks and movement away from mayhem.  Rolling Stone magazine said at its release,  “The Stones have never done anything better” and the song has become an anthem to evoke storm clouds and the change that follows.  Perhaps its greatest contribution to culture, though, is […]

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Reinventing fashion: The unlikely partnership between IBM and Salesforce at BeSpoke

“We are really going to do this…the two of us are defining the Salesforce-IBM relationship right here…to Dreamforce, to Dreamforce!”  Lindsey Irvine and I clinked our coffee cups during what hardly resembled my tearful going-away coffee.  Maybe one door was closing for me at Salesforce just as another was opening at IBM but, I attest […]

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