Jyoti Chawla

The retailer cloud journey: An incremental climb

As a Cloud Advisor who supports several retail clients, it’s impressive to see a company mature in its cloud adoption and realize true value in its business transformation. One such story is of a major U.S. retailer’s journey to cloud. It’s a story that’s still being written.  But how did this story begin? It started […]

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Reimagining retail with cloud

As my retail clients gear up for the National Retail Federation show in spring 2016, PSFK’s latest report on top retail trends got me thinking how cloud technology would influence the shopping experience. Reimagined retail is more than taking advantage of the economic impact of using cloud to scale workloads during peak seasons, like Black Friday, […]

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API security: Key takeaways from recent breaches

The IRS was recently in the headlines for the wrong reason: a lawsuit claims more than 330,000 taxpayer accounts were illegally accessed using the “Get Transcript” API. API breaches have for some time now plagued startups, affecting the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Buffer and Snapchat, and it’s clear these breaches are now affecting established enterprises. […]

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