Jason McGee

IBM expands partnership with Docker to drive apps to the public cloud

Today at DockerCon EU in Copenhagen, we’re sharing the news that IBM is expanding our relationship with Docker. Together, IBM and Docker will be making it easier for clients to modernize their existing applications with Docker Enterprise Edition, combined with IBM Cloud, software and services. Before we dive in, here’s a glimpse into the growth […]

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Choice with consistency: The key to an effective hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud doesn’t have to be complicated. Complex? Sometimes. Complicated? No way. As the traditional, layered cloud model of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS moves toward irrelevance, the era of the single cloud stack is fast approaching. A modern cloud stack is one that supports a spectrum of IaaS and PaaS services that work together with […]

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The 6 steps of the container lifecycle

Of all the advancements in IT over the past few years, few have eased the software and application development process quite as profoundly as containers. And while containers have existed for several years, they’ve exploded in popularity over the last three years. For proof, look no further than the popular container company Docker. The company’s […]

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