Jay Zeltzer

How to transform customer experiences with cognitive call centers

Customer data and insights can help steer companies to new levels of innovation, engagement and profit. And, most organizations are sitting on a gold mine of customer data. But, it’s how customer data is used that matters. How is your organization collecting and using customer insights? Are you using it to create the most engaging […]

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At the tipping point: Transformation in the contact center

Contact centers are going through some serious changes, which may already be disrupting the status quo. Customer engagement has dramatically altered businesses. Contact centers must now evolve into an “omnichannel” or multi-channel interaction hub. Communications are no longer limited to the traditional voice channel. Customers expect or even demand to engage with businesses seamlessly across […]

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Get connected to the cloud with IBM WebSphere

Yes, you read that correctly—with new IBM WebSphere Connect capabilities you can connect your on-premises applications to the cloud. It’s true. Perhaps you’ve heard the buzz about IBM WebSphere Connect capabilities with IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 9, but you’re still be at a loss as to what exactly this offering provides and how it […]

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