Ian Pattison

Blockchain and the third trust revolution

Blockchain has the potential to sweep away the central trust authorities of governments, banks and corporations as  I discussed in my previous post. Why? Because blockchain enables virtual communities to re-create the person-to-person trust of small villages and societies at a global scale. Ancient societies were based on the idea of personal trust: I trust […]

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Trust revolutions and the need for blockchain

In my previous post, I outlined what makes blockchain a transformative technology. It builds trust in data and business networks, which makes it the latest part of a long history of trust as the basis for economic transactions. People trust each other based on personal knowledge. I trust you because I know you and what […]

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4 characteristics that set blockchain apart

I speak to lots of customers who are using or thinking of using blockchain. Depending on who you speak to, blockchain is either a new power poised to change the way we do business or the latest IT hype. I believe blockchain has characteristics which mark it as something transformative, perhaps even more transformative than […]

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