Nduwuisi I. Emuchay

The silver lining: Why businesses should invest in cloud transformation

Cloud computing is nearing its second decade of existence. Since 2000, the industry and technology landscape has matured greatly, with organizations evolving from using cloud experimentally to cloud being a platform for innovation and running entire businesses. However, despite the growth in acceptance, enterprise cloud adoption and the rate at which enterprises actively run workloads […]

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A guiding framework for digital transformation

This is the second blog post in a series on cloud adoption and transformation, following the release of The Cloud Adoption Playbook. You can read Moe Abdula’s introduction to the series here. “Think, transform, thrive.” This is a framework we use to help clients scaffold their organization-wide cloud adoption and digital transformation. We help our […]

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A business case for design thinking

A delightful experience should be part of daily life. If we can elevate experience by enriching it with design, better business will result. We can draw inspiration from great architects and designers. As T.J. Watson Jr. said, “Good design is good business.” In his introduction to Dr. Walter Gropius‘ 1965 essay, “The New Architecture and the Bauhaus,” […]

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