Dan Berg

Why resiliency is a key component of a successful container strategy

Let’s face it: bad things can and do happen when you’re deploying and managing complex, distributed applications. There are potential failures in the application, the process, the host, the network, dependent services, and even the data center itself. All of these components can fail, most likely at some point when running your application. With this […]

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The importance of container security and orchestration

As containers evolve into the default foundation for modern applications, IT leaders must expertly secure workloads while ensuring that they’re easy to manage and designed to withstand failure. IBM has been a pioneer of containers as a service within a cloud environment since the very early days of Docker. Here are two ways IBM Container […]

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3 characteristics of an effective cloud developer

The days of writing an application that goes down or becomes unavailable are long gone—this is simply no longer acceptable. The end user’s expectation is that once your service is “live,” it’s always available and it always performs reasonably well. The only way to do that is to ensure that you’ve built a highly resilient, […]

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