Bob Spory

Process modeling is the first step to Lean Six Sigma success

Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two process improvement methods: Lean and Six Sigma. It’s designed to reduce organizational costs by removing waste, or “muda,” from a process through continual business processes improvement. By removing waste and reducing process variation, organizations can improve overall production quality and efficiency. Why use a process model? Organizations […]

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5 tips to get the most out of business process mapping

Every organization has processes designed to provide a framework for accomplishing tasks, achieving business objectives and serving customers. It’s basically an outline of the steps it takes to do something. Most business leaders would admit these processes are frequently not optimized or have become outdated. Are your processes clearly defined? Do you know where to […]

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Become a Blueworks Live ninja: Process made simple in the cloud

Business processes and decisions are the backbone of every company and the source of its competitive advantage. Understanding processes and decisions allows companies to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. Blueworks Live can give you the ability to discover and document process knowledge in a better way. Blueworks Live ninja skills I often see customers race […]

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