Arin Bhowmick

Solving the design fidelity conundrum with feedback

Getting feedback is a crucial part of the design process for any user experience (UX) designer. Learning when and how to get feedback is important, as the information you get from someone providing feedback can depend largely on the fidelity of your design. Part of the IBM Design process is following the “observe, reflect, make” […]

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A look inside hybrid cloud design

User experience and design are integral to hybrid cloud products at IBM. Designers work hard to deliver the best user experiences using the Design Thinking process that IBM Design works to instill across the entire company. However, it can be difficult to really understand what designers do and how they impact the product overall for […]

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Design and machine learning: The emerging role of design in tech

IBM Design San Francisco has recently been given the prestigious Red Dot Communications Design Award for IBM Data Science Experience. The Red Dot Award is one of the highest forms of recognition in the design world. The Data Science Experience design team faced unique challenges throughout this project, firstly having to understand the data science workflow, […]

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