Ankita Pandey

Simplifying complex modernization strategies with the right tools

A few years ago, NASA found water on Mars and mountains on Pluto. The first ever self-driving cars hit the road across the country. And organizations were still building compute workloads with monolithic applications in their local, dedicated data centers with predefined support and upgrade cycles. How far we’ve come since then. Companies are realizing […]

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Here’s what the industry is getting wrong about APM

Recently, you may have seen news about recent consolidation in the application process management (APM) space. Some might see this as the industry making big bets on combining network management with application management. But I see it differently. This is an area that has not yet yielded results because the personas using these tools have […]

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The cost of an outage and IBM APM

In February of last year, Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) went down, affecting almost 56 million gamers and users. This was not the first instance. The PSN has experienced problems and outages in the past. However what embittered users most was the generic response from the company, which stated that engineers were investigating the issue. People […]

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