Simplify the digital enterprise journey with hybrid multicloud

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IBM Services multicloud worldOrganizations are adopting a hybrid multicloud environment to accelerate their journey to becoming digital enterprises. IT leaders are faced with a challenge of demystifying the hybrid multicloud environment to unlock the true value of digital transformation.

According to IBM Institute for Business Value, by 2021, 90 percent of the organizations that are already on cloud plan to adopt multiple hybrid clouds. However, only 30 percent have the required procedures and tools in place and just 30 percent have a multicloud orchestrator or other multicloud management platforms.

Build for variety, velocity and volume

Moving IT functions to the cloud can give organizations many benefits, but orchestration and automation across multiple technologies, cloud environments and service providers can be complex and expensive. To ensure success, enterprises must seek answers to the following:

  • How to build cloud-native and DevOps capabilities in a safe, secure and cost-effective manner
  • How to avoid vendor lock-in and leverage the benefits of open architectures
  • How to orchestrate across multiple technologies and clouds
  • How to quickly build a virtualized or containerized platform for faster application development and deployment
  • How to enable development team to provision or deprovision environments efficiently
  • How to build infrastructure services for a multicloud environment

To ride on the success of cloud initiatives in the digital era, businesses today must build their cloud for variety, velocity and volume.

  • Variety – Build cloud to manage the variety of heterogeneous technology complexities of both container and virtual workloads and topologies of cloud deployment models.
  • Velocity – Build cloud to manage the speed of change and reduce the timelines to incorporate changes across multiple cloud end points.
  • Volume – Build cloud design to manage the scalability of capacity as required without disruption in efficiencies.

Address hybrid multicloud orchestration challenges

Businesses are grappling with cloud orchestration challenges owing to complexities of multiple technologies, cloud platforms and service provider environments. IBM Cloud Deployment Services (ICDS) offers a multicloud orchestration and automation platform for both virtualization and container workloads powered by enterprise-ready standard blueprints.

IBM Cloud Deployment Services is technology agnostic, supports open architecture and can help businesses

  • Automate delivery of infrastructure, applications, and custom IT services
  • Deploy application workloads across on-premises and off-premises environments (for example, public and private clouds)
  • Offer integration with all leading public cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure
  • Offer integration for ServiceNow, resiliency offerings, managed security services, and so on
  • Available in both single-tenant and multitenant architectures
  • Available with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform in addition to IBM and VMware orchestration capabilities
  • Enables design and build of solution blueprints
  • Includes build and deployment services (with required hardware and software licenses and delivery services of the platform)

IBM Cloud Deployment Services simplifies the journey to cloud by building cloud for variety, velocity and volume. To know more, visit us at https://ibm.co/2He4rDJ.

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