Singapore Exchange improves development process with IBM Cloud Private

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Digital experience expectations in the financial services are now higher than ever before. Many organizations are improving the digital experience not only for their customers, but also for their employees and business partners. The key to exceptional digital experience is by driving innovation.

Singapore Exchange (SGX) has very robust trading and clearing engines that are at the heart of its business. While we use a traditional software development lifecycle methodology in implementing and enhancing our core engines, we adopt an agile strategy for applications and interfaces in order to enhance the digital experience for our customers.

This agile methodology gives our developers more control and accelerates time to market.

Selecting IBM for our on-premises cloud with microservices

After evaluating solutions from several vendors, we chose to work with IBM to help us create an on-premises cloud environment in conjunction with local business partner, Dimension Data.

Our assessment was that IBM Cloud Private offered better features, such as scanning security, auto-scaling and quick recovery. IBM is also a longtime partner of SGX, which provided assurance that we could embark on this digital transformation journey together.

IBM installed an IBM Cloud Private environment on site at SGX in just two days and then spent two weeks running an IBM Garage proof-of-concept (POC) microservices workshop for us. Our developers got first-hand experience in building, testing, deploying and managing applications in Kubernetes using a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline approach.

The POC also illustrated how IBM and Dimension Data would team up to provide augmented service for the solution, post implementation.

Enhancing agility and digital experience

IBM Cloud Private allows people to work quickly, and the infrastructure can scale up much faster than traditional infrastructure. Previously, we needed more people to set up the environment, servers and virtual machines. Now developers can spin up an environment by themselves to work with containerized applications and microservices. This new-found agility also meets our stringent security requirements.

IBM Cloud Private is the foundation that allows our developers, and the organization as a whole, to accelerate our development operations around our core trading engine.

Read the case study for more details and schedule a no-charge visit with the IBM Garage to get started.

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