Primerica modernizes applications with hybrid cloud and container technologies

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The Primerica business really started at the kitchen tables of Middle American families. Those personal, sometimes difficult conversations about finances and life insurance built trust. That trust allowed us to help families get the financial services they needed to protect themselves and future generations. Our reputation and our business grew into the Primerica we are today.

Updating knowledge, skills and technologies

In recent years, long-time Primerica employees were beginning to retire, taking with them decades of institutional knowledge, including knowledge about maintaining our heritage IBM WebSphere technology. So, we wanted to update our technology and refresh our employees’ skills. Of course, growth often requires change, which can be difficult.

We reached out to the IBM Garage and said, “How do we get off of IBM technologies and onto IBM technologies? Oh, and while you’re at it, can you teach us how to properly manage and maintain this new technology?”

Migrating to the hybrid cloud

We worked with the IBM Garage team in Austin and migrated several existing applications to a hybrid cloud environment. Given the sensitivity and privacy requirements of financial services industry data, we decided to keep our customer data on premises on IBM Cloud Private and containerize many customer-centric applications on the public cloud.

This application modernization was the digital transformation we needed, but we also discovered something completely unexpected — a cultural shift. During our time working with the IBM Garage, we developed agile practices and a user-first approach to business. By implementing these techniques across our company, we have found that we can further deepen our personal connection with customers, which helps us better provide the financial services and protections they need. The IBM Garage helped us marry two critical, yet somewhat opposing, aspects of our business: good old-fashioned kitchen table conversations and modern, secure technology.

Watch the video below to see how the IBM Garage modernized technology for Primerica, and learn more about this project by reading the case study.

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