European companies turn to IBM hybrid cloud and AI for growth

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Companies are migrating to the cloud at increasing rates across the globe. At the forefront of this move are companies in the US and Western Europe, according to a report from ResearchandMarkets.com. Though many companies have only completed 20 percent of their cloud journey, industries and regions continue to emerge with new solutions to meet industry challenges, differentiate from the competition and delight clients.

“IBM is writing the next chapter of business and social transformation together with our clients,” IBM Chairman, President and CEO Ginni Rometty shared in a company statement. “Companies across Europe and the world are working with IBM to put the hybrid cloud infrastructure in place and to start infusing AI into businesses processes as a means to accelerate future innovation.”

European companies transform with IBM Cloud and AI

IBM this week announced a wide range of European client solutions using IBM Cloud and AI.

  • The Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS), a social insurance provider for farmers in Poland, is adopting IBM Cloud to help modernize and expand its e-learning platform.
  • Confindustria, the chief association representing Italian manufacturing and service companies, is moving its full IT infrastructure to the IBM Cloud. The move will help the association power more personalized, innovative offerings for members.
  • Endesa, the largest Spanish power company is using IBM Watson and IBM Cloud to transform its call center experience.
  • Performance for Assets (P4A), a Belgian startup, worked with the IBM Cloud Garage team to enhance wind turbine output. The company created an advanced asset management monitoring system for wind turbines with IBM Watson on IBM Cloud that enables predictive maintenance and boosts asset performance.
  • ERGO Aktiv, a Czech neurorehabilitation center, developed a Watson-based virtual assistant on the IBM Cloud to help patients return to an active life and resume work after a stroke.

European automotive companies adopt IBM hybrid cloud

The European automotive sector is also looking to IBM Cloud and AI solutions. IBM recently announced client wins with Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH in Germany; Moovster, a Munich-based mobility and AI startup; and Vinturas, a Netherlands-based automotive logistics company.

Read more about these moves in the European market from Gigabit Magazine and Zacks.com.

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