The Masters drives innovation with hybrid cloud and AI

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The Masters uses IBM hybrid cloud infrastructure

The Masters golf tournament may be traditional on the course, but it’s driving innovation with its infrastructure and online fan experiences behind the scenes.

“The Masters is surprisingly modern when it comes to its infrastructure in that it operates a hybrid cloud strategy,” reports Forbes. “For the vast majority of the year its technology needs are fairly modest, but during tournament week, the Masters official applications and website experience a huge spike in demand from millions of fans around the world.”

The solution is the hybrid cloud. IBM has partnered with the Augusta National for more than 20 years to shape the Masters digital experience and engage patrons online. With the IBM Cloud as the digital foundation of the Masters, IBM brings a hybrid cloud environment that allows the Masters to quickly scale and manage various sources of data across multiple locations and use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance fan engagement.

Three-minute player highlight reels

New this year, “Round in Three Minutes” lets fans at home and away from the fairway experience highlights from each player. The online experience uses IBM Watson on the IBM Cloud to rate and curate a three-minute highlight reel for each player’s round. The feature in the Masters app evaluates the excitement level of each moment, including facial expressions, gestures and the roar of the crowd.

“For the first time ever in golf, we will capture virtually every shot of every player during every competitive round,” said Augusta National Golf Club Chairman Fred Ridley, as reported by GOLF.

IBM analyzed approximately 4,000 shots at the 2018 Masters and estimates it will track 5,000 holes and around 20,000 shots this year, shares SportTechie.

The Masters and IBM

Beyond the beauty of the golf greens, the powerful IBM Cloud hybrid environment, game-changing AI and enterprise-grade security are helping the Masters to scale, innovate and deliver for fans.


Learn more about the IBM technology enabling fan experiences at the Masters.

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