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New IBM Aspera updates help media and entertainment companies push boundaries

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IBM Aspera media and entertainmentAcross the world today, there’s no denying that the technologies underlying the media and entertainment industry are undergoing some massive transformations.

The availability and volume of video content is expanding exponentially as the line between streaming and file-based content blurs and multicloud becomes the reality of modern IT infrastructures.

For more than 15 years, IBM Aspera has pioneered the data transport technologies supporting this transformation. This year at NAB Show, Aspera continued to push boundaries by showcasing innovations designed to help clients continue to succeed in an evolving media landscape.

IBM Aspera highlights from NAB Show 2019

Here are three key updates showcased at NAB Show 2019:

1. New capabilities for cloud-based workflows.

Organizations across media and entertainment are migrating to the cloud for increased scalability and flexibility.

To provide the additional scale and efficiency that clients need for high-volume cloud-based workflows, IBM is adding new automation functionality to Aspera on Cloud for early access customers. An easy-to-use graphical workflow designer tool enables users to quickly build and configure event-driven transfer workflows. When combined with new Aspera on Cloud analytics features, these automation capabilities will serve as a powerful solution for managing cloud-based workflows.

2. Expanded streaming accessibility.

Aspera continues to push the boundaries of high-quality live and near-live video streaming.

A new beta of Aspera Streaming for Video includes capabilities that enable full bi-directional communication and flexible substitution for TCP (transmission control protocol) across an even wider variety of deployment environments to support additional streaming use cases.

The team also showed off an easy-to-use web application for Aspera Streaming for Video that provides auto-discovery and full visibility of devices.

3. Enhanced performance.

In addition to the new product features, IBM Aspera is also continuing to innovate on its core technology. We recently added a new encryption module built around industry-standard OpenSSL AES-GCM encryption to the Aspera High-Speed Transfer platform. For compute intensive operations, this update can improve encrypted transfer rates by up to 200 percent, while also significantly reducing CPU load.

Aspera multi-session transfer technology overcomes the inherent network speed limitations that organizations often encounter in cloud environments. By using parallel transfer processes to move very large files, Aspera can achieve multi-Gbps (billions of bits per second) transfer speeds to and from all of the leading cloud providers, including IBM, AWS, Azure and Google.

These improvements have brought impressive results. In a recent independent performance analysis of IBM Cloud Object Storage with Aspera multi-session transfer and Amazon S3 with Transfer Acceleration, the IBM technology completed a 20GB file transfer up to 12 times faster.

Connect with IBM Aspera

NAB Show 2019 was a big event for IBM Aspera partners and clients. The team will continue to push boundaries and bring new capabilities to organizations around the world.

If you weren’t able to attend the show, schedule a meeting with IBM Aspera to learn more.

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