IBM and Volkswagen team for urban Mobility Advisor app

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IBM VW Mobility AdvisorTraveling across town is getting easier.

SEAT, a Spain-based member of the Volkswagen Group, and IBM are collaborating to develop Mobility Advisor, an app that uses Watson artificial intelligence (AI) to help city residents more effectively navigate city congestion and make smarter transportation decisions.

“With its advanced cloud and AI technologies, IBM is helping us to innovate new approaches to mobility that will transform our business strategy while improving the lives of people living in urban areas,” said Jordi Caus, SEAT’s head of new urban mobility concepts.

The announcement came this week at Mobile World Congress, just a day after SEAT unveiled its new concept car, Minimó.

Through its connection to the IBM Cloud, the Mobility Advisor app will incorporate user preferences and dynamically adapt to changing weather forecasts, traffic reports and ongoing events to help people decide which mode of transit — cars, bicycles, scooters, public transportation — is best for their crosstown trips.

The app is under development and will run as a mobile app on 4G/5G networks using a conversational interface.

Learn more about the Mobility Advisor app from SEAT and IBM in the full story at Bloomberg.

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