Why business leaders should master automation

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business leaders master automationFor someone who bought a house 10 or 20 years ago, applying for a mortgage likely took around a month. Buyers typically had to complete lots of paper forms and field a few dozen calls while wondering when they’d be approved and what the interest rate would be.

Today, next-generation mortgage companies offer mobile apps that allow users to apply for a loan virtually anywhere and get approved very quickly. They’re built on a foundation that automates the heavily regulated process from start to finish. Customers often choose these apps for the convenience, immediacy and transparency made possible by the automation of alerts programmed into the system, the connections to data from credit-monitoring companies and lenders, the workflows designed to eliminate unnecessary steps, and more.

Multiplying opportunities with automation

At its core, automating work is about offering better experiences at speed and scale – for customers, employees, users and others. It’s about improving those multistage, multitask processes that when done manually are slow, costly and frustrating for both employees and customers.

Successful automation isn’t singular or always easy. Big success doesn’t come from one project or solution. It’s an iterative process that adapts to changing markets and business goals. Successfully automated companies often share the following traits:

  • They focus on the needs of their customers.
  • They recognize the importance of scalability while still being able to offer each customer a personalized experience.
  • They keep the automation system as flexible as they can by building on an extensible platform and ensuring alignment between business and IT.
  • They’ve taken everything that can be made efficient and made it efficient.

Automation is more accessible now, permeating every type of work. Business leaders should master what automation can and can’t do for their company to thrive in a world where automation enables competitors to be easier and faster to work with.

Mastering automation at Think 2019: A “tsunami of innovation”

Automation at Think 2019 aims to bring attendees the latest in automation strategy and innovations. The event will be held in San Francisco from 12 through 15 February.

At a 2018 event in New York City, an IBM Automation client said that “the tsunami of innovation and initiatives erupting from the IBM Automation team is impressive”.

If you’re going to spend the time and money to attend an in-person technology event, it better be a tsunami of something, right? If not a tsunami, then a surfable wave of insights and experiences that can lead to something strategically important for your company and career.

For those interested in mastering automation, here are six can’t-miss things at Think:

  • Discover what others are doing to create competitive customer and employee experiences. Join key IBM customers and executives to learn how intelligence from aggregated data can be applied to core business operations to deliver notable customer experiences.
  • Join IBM executives Gene Chao and Mike Gilfix as they share their vision and viewpoints on intelligent automation and using artificial intelligence (AI) to innovate.
  • Go beyond the bot. Learn how the IBM view of digital labor integrates robotics and AI with all types of automation, including workflows, content capture and decision management, extending the benefits of robotic process automation (RPA) even further.
  • Explore how organizations can drive intelligent automation at scale and accelerate digital transformation with an integrated automation platform that makes it easier to create, deploy and manage intelligent automation.
  • Find out how to handle the full spectrum of workflows from highly scalable, structured work to ad hoc and case-based workflows in a solution tightly integrated with content sources.
  • Preview the roadmap. Find out what’s next in the evolution of IBM automation software technology.

Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to grow your skills. You can advance-demo new products and attend hands-on labs on topics ranging from AI and RPA to workflow and data capture. Get certified. Go from basic to intelligent automation. All from the premier IBM technology event: Think 2019.

For more detail on session content and special events, take a look inside Automation at Think 2019 and register to attend Think 2019..

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