Tegsoft rings in a new age of customer communications with IBM Cloud

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Tegsoft Contact Center IBM CloudCustomer experience is one of the key areas in which businesses can achieve competitive differentiation, and customer contact centers must therefore run efficiently and effectively at all times.

At Tegsoft, our goal is to become a global brand capable of rivaling the top players in the contact center space. By offering Tegsoft Contact Center, our all-in-one customer communications solution, as a service hosted in the IBM Cloud, we can get new clients up and running in as little as 20 minutes, wherever they are in the world. Since making the move to the cloud, we have expanded our client base far beyond our home market and have our sights set on further growth in the near future.

Expanding horizons

Tegsoft is a software development company specializing in IP PBX (private branch exchange) and customer contact center solutions. Our flagship solution, Tegsoft Contact Center, enables companies to interact with customers across multiple channels, including phone, email, SMS, web chat and social media, all through a single dashboard.

For many years, we offered our products as on-premises systems only. This model worked well when we were starting out and operating exclusively in Turkey, our home market, where we were able to deliver and install on-premises solutions with relative ease.

We soon became the domestic-market leader, but we wanted to expand our reach. To be able to deliver our solutions and services to anyone, anywhere and at any time, we needed a more flexible, cost-effective infrastructure. We chose IBM Cloud as the foundation for our new offering.

Setting sights skyward

We have been using IBM Db2 technology to support operations for several years, developing a strong relationship with IBM during that time. IBM is more than just a technology vendor; it provides help and support with many different aspects of our business, from branding and marketing to sales.

For these reasons, IBM Cloud was the natural choice for us. We trust IBM and we know that our clients do, too. Having the Tegsoft cloud service backed by the IBM reputation gives both existing and potential new clients extra confidence in our solution.

Fueling global growth

By migrating our on-premises Tegsoft Contact Center solution to the IBM Cloud, we have reduced the time required to set up new client environments from days to minutes.

If a client wants to use Tegsoft Contact Center, they simply register online and choose the number of licenses they need. About 20 minutes later, they’re ready to go and their service agents can start using the solution to communicate with customers.

Thanks to the IBM Cloud, clients no longer need to purchase and set up infrastructure to run our software. We still offer Tegsoft Contact Center as an on-premises solution, but the majority of clients opt for the ease, convenience and flexibility of our new cloud offering.

By providing cloud services, we’ve expanded our client base considerably and now serve 450 companies in 10 countries. IBM Cloud has helped us to go global, and that’s just the beginning. We’re already looking at integrating IBM Watson cognitive technologies into our solutions to make them smarter and more efficient, and we’re excited to see where our relationship with IBM takes us next.

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