European security, education, healthcare and hiring firms choose IBM Cloud

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European companies IBM CloudAt the THINK South East Europe Conference this week, IBM highlighted several startup companies in the region that have chosen IBM Cloud to scale globally, demonstrating how versatile cloud technology can be.

The companies come from across the region and from industries including banking security, higher education, healthcare technology, talent recruitment and alternative-energy cars.

“By choosing IBM Cloud, organizations are able to do much more than just cut costs,” says Michael Paier, General Manager, IBM South East Europe. “By tapping exciting, cloud-based services like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT), they are able to innovate new business models and develop new services on the fly that help them differentiate from the competition.”

A few of the companies featured include:

  • Serbian firm Blinking, which is using Hyperledger Fabric on IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Private to help banks authenticate customer identities and better connect with customers.
  •, a company based in Croatia, which has used IBM Watson Assistant to build a virtual assistant to answer student questions at the Zagreb School of Economic and Management.
  • Hungarian company HeartBit, whose wearable heart monitoring device transmits data to the IBM Cloud, where it is analyzed using AI technology.
  • Slovenia-based Elaphe Propulsion Technologies, which uses IoT technology to analyze information about driving conditions and vehicle performance in electric and hybrid cars, thereby helping improve safety.
  • Indivizo, a Hungarian firm that uses IBM Watson AI on the IBM Cloud to analyze video interviews with job applicants, helping HR professionals make hiring decisions faster.

For more about how these European startups are using IBM Cloud, check out the full press release.

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