Ditto Bank reaches globally with the IBM Cloud

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Ditto Bank IBM CloudSome global banks promise a high level of service for their customers anywhere in the world, but the reality often fails to live up to those high expectations.

For example, if a customer relocates to another country, they might find themselves tied up in a laborious paper-based process to open a new account. For all the effort involved, many of these customers might as well have opened an account with someone they’d never banked with before.

That’s exactly the challenge we wanted to solve when we founded Ditto Bank. Headquartered in Boulogne, France, Ditto Bank aims to disrupt the industry by delivering on the promise of global banking. Our service enables customers to open new accounts in a wide range of currencies at the touch of a button. They can spend anywhere in the world using a single credit card.

Building a new bank in the cloud

At Ditto Bank, the customer experience is paramount. From the start, we decided that a mobile app would be the most convenient way for account holders to engage with our service. Because the bank was a completely new venture, one of the first goals was to provision the IT infrastructure.

Ditto Bank did not want to recruit an army of IT personnel to design, build and manage the platform. The bank was confident that a cloud model could offer the optimal combination of security, performance and scalability.

But we couldn’t choose just any cloud. We needed to convince our regulators in France that we would have complete control over the location of customer data and robust information security policies in place to protect it.

Choosing a dedicated platform

After meeting with our parent company’s core banking provider, the Ditto Bank leadership team decided to engage CSI as a partner. A leading cloud services provider based in the UK, CSI worked with the bank on a thorough pre-study to help map out the requirements for the cloud platform.

CSI recommended IBM Cloud bare metal servers, a dedicated, high-performance cloud service. With the IBM platform, we can configure our servers down to the choice of RAM, hard drives and more. Because Ditto Bank never has to share its compute capacity. It was straightforward to demonstrate to regulators that the new environment was fit for our purposes. And unlike the other bare metal offerings we considered, IBM already had ISO and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard [PCI-DSS] certification in place.

Working together with CSI, Ditto Bank put to use IBM Cloud bare metal servers in two IBM data centers in a hot standby configuration, enabling automatic failover in the event of a disaster recovery scenario. The high availability configuration also enables the bank to apply patches and perform maintenance without taking mission-critical services offline.

You can read more about our work with CSI by reading the IBM case study here.

Ready for growth

Today, Ditto Bank runs its mobile app and core banking system in the IBM Cloud, ensuring that customers receive an uninterrupted service at all times. In over two years of operation, the bank has only ever had to take one software component offline for just 30 minutes. Because it was a non-critical workload, there was no impact on customer services. To date, Ditto Bank’s uptime is more than 99.99 percent.

We are always looking for better ways to serve our customers, and we use IBM Cloud Virtual Servers to spin up test and development environments for new products. As well as supporting Ditto Bank’s agile development philosophy, virtual servers empower us to create new products in an environment with the same industry-leading security as our IBM Cloud bare metal servers.

Ditto Bank is all about making life easier for the customer. In the future, AI and machine learning solutions such as IBM Watson are going to play an important role in delivering those services. We are very interested in using these technologies to uncover ways to better understand our customers as individuals and share relevant, compelling product and service recommendations to help them get the most out of their relationship with us.

To get the full story about Ditto Bank’s cloud journey, read the case study.

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