Fitzsoft transforms Zambia’s technology sector with IBM Cloud

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Fitzsoft Zambia technology sectorAll over the word, the smartphone revolution has had a huge impact on the way people interact with technology. Smartphone applications have made the web more user friendly, opening it up to new audiences.

In Zambia, this revolution has taken a little longer to arrive, but its impact is likely to be even more transformative. The arrival of a new wave of more affordable smartphones and mobile data bundles means that many people who have never owned a traditional computer are now able to access the internet for the first time.

This is creating a huge appetite among Zambian businesses to build web and mobile apps that will help them offer new services to more customers at lower cost. In turn, it’s revitalizing the country’s IT industry.

For many years, Zambia’s IT sector was in the doldrums. Businesses didn’t believe in local software developers and looked abroad for solutions. Today, that perception is changing. The high demand for apps has led companies to seek cost-effective local IT services, and companies such as Fitzsoft Applications are seizing the opportunity to fill that gap.

Building on the cloud

At Fitzsoft, we’re committed to providing clients with the custom web and mobile applications they need to differentiate themselves from the competition. We also provide a range of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for CRM and other enterprise capabilities.

Supporting such a wide variety of different systems requires a versatile infrastructure, so when we started looking for a cloud hosting provider, flexibility was the top requirement on our list.

Most of the cloud vendors could only offer us a one-size-fits-all virtual machine with all the networking preconfigured. Of all the options we looked at, only IBM could offer what we really needed: highly configurable IBM Cloud bare metal servers that would enable us to set up VMware environments tailored to our precise needs. To add flexibility, we also took advantage of IBM Cloud Virtual Servers to manage our virtual machines using VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud.

IBM helped us move our existing systems over to the IBM Cloud in just 30 days. We built an excellent relationship with the IBM support team, and we still meet with them regularly to discuss our roadmap for the future. They are more than just a supplier to us. They’re a true ally.

Accelerating speed to market

With the IBM Cloud infrastructure, we now have a powerful, flexible platform that is easy to manage. It has had a really noticeable impact on our onboarding process for new clients. We can now provision a new VMware environment and get an app up and running 80 percent faster than before.

This kind of responsiveness is a differentiator for our business. We can build and deploy new applications very quickly, helping our clients get their new products and services to market faster than their competitors.

As demand for web and mobile applications continues to take off, we’re helping Zambian businesses bring new services to consumers across the country. The IBM Cloud plays a vital part in making this transformation happen.

Read the case study for more details.

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