European insurer NOVIS chooses IBM Cloud for global expansion

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NOVIS Insurance Company is a Slovakia-based insurer with a quickly growing footprint. With operations in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Finland, the company expanded to Italy in 2017, then Sweden and Iceland earlier this year.

“With plans to expand its insurance service to other countries and offer it worldwide, NOVIS needed a highly reliable, flexible and secured cloud infrastructure to grow with its business,” according to Intelligent CIO. “It therefore decided to move fully into IBM Cloud with VMware virtualization — all used as a service.”

Siegfried Fatzi, general manager of NOVIS, explained that the company is looking for a way to “transform and optimize operations, improve governance and transparency, and expand business agility and capability,” while also keeping costs steady.

“When we compared the performance of our enterprise systems on cloud services from several providers, the IBM Cloud came out on top,” he said.

Read more about why NOVIS chose IBM Cloud for its global expansion in the full Intelligent CIO article.

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