7 tips for designing for developers

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Design for developersIBM Hybrid Cloud is incredibly diverse and catered towards a large variety of users, such as data scientists, business analysts, DevOps engineers and more. The design teams working to create products for these user groups must navigate their different needs and requirements for a great user experience.

A user base that IBM Hybrid Cloud designers sometimes work with is developers, and these users have a somewhat different set of needs and goals they aim to achieve with the products they use. Developers are more immersed in the technology that they are using, which means they have different expectations and desires for their user experience.

Here are tips and guidelines on helping designers work with and create the best user experience for developers:

  1. Develop a thorough understanding of the domain
  2. Know your target user’s favorite tools
  3. Devs typically want lots of control
  4. Don’t assume that a graphical user interface (GUI) is necessarily what’s needed
  5. Devs typically don’t want to be tied into one vendor or tool
  6. Increasingly, devs are key influencers in purchasing decisions
  7. Remember: all the usual design best practices still apply

For more about why these tips are important and how to carry them out, read the full post on Medium.

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