3 ways sunflowers show the value of digital business automation

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If you’re anything like I am, you enjoy nature programming on the Discovery Channel, NatGeo and other educational outlets. Not only do I find the amazing sights and sounds captivating, but I also love learning about the natural world from dedicated experts. I often find insights that also apply outside of the natural world.

That’s why I like this sunflower video. It shows the value of applying automation to business operations by taking you outside the world of business and into a field of sunflowers.

There are three ways sunflowers show the value of digital business automation:

  1. Sunflowers follow the sun. What if you could be as consistently responsive to your customers as sunflowers are to the movement of the sun? Digital business automation helps you do that.
  2. Sunflowers turn light into growth. What if you could capture critical structured and unstructured data and transform it into something useful within your processes like sunflowers automatically capture light, water and CO2 and turn it into flowers, food and oxygen? Digital business automation helps you do that.
  3. Sunflowers attract pollinators: What if you could automatically move data between applications as quickly and accurately as pollinating bees move from flower to flower? Digital business automation helps you do that.

There can be a beauty to business operations when digital business automation is done right. Customers sense it, employees sense it and good outcomes follow.

Hopefully you enjoyed this video. If you’re still in an educational mood, learn about five automation capabilities that can help you drive pretty much all types of automation projects at speed and scale.

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