6 major European companies choose IBM Cloud

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European companies IBM CloudThis week, IBM announced agreements to provide cloud services to six European companies in industries including publishing, shipping, banking, healthcare, electrical products and lighting.

“Enterprises across Europe are gravitating to the IBM Cloud because it helps them modernize their existing infrastructures by gaining access to exciting technologies like AI, blockchain, IoT, analytics and more,” Sebastian Krause, general manager of IBM Cloud Europe, said in a statement.

Here’s a look at all six companies and the types of cloud technology they’ll be putting to use:

  • Dutch firm Koopman Logistics will use IBM Blockchain to build its new track-and-trace solution to keep tabs on consignments shipped across Europe, replacing a paper-based tracking process.
  • Crédit Mutuel, a bank based in France, will expand its work with IBM to start using IBM Watson-based virtual assistants to help its 20,000 relationship managers provide advice to customers.
  • Gruppo 24 Ore, an Italian multimedia and publishing company, will use Watson AI to assist tax professionals to answer questions about Italy’s tax code. Watson reviewed 1.5 million financial documents upon which to base its advice.
  • Spanish company Teckel Medical, which develops mobile and digital healthcare apps, will run its AI medical symptom checker, Mediktor, which answers medical questions in natural language, on the IBM Cloud.
  • UK-based RS Components, a provider of electrical and industrial components, has launched a new peer-to-peer marketplace, DesignSpark, powered by IBM Cloud and built in the London IBM Cloud Garage. It helps companies promote, test and sell products to a large online community.
  • Osram AG, a German lighting solutions company, is transforming its operations to focus on digital products. An IBM hybrid cloud solution is helping the company reduce spending and increase its flexibility.

Find out more about these new agreements with companies across Europe in CloudPro’s full article.

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