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Global Omnium provides water to citizens at lower cost

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Global Omnium waterEveryone relies on fresh, clean water to drink, wash and cook. However, many people take their water supply for granted, and certainly don’t think about the long journey necessary to convert rainfall from far away into safe drinking water piped into homes.

Global Omnium, a large water provider based in Spain, aimed to deliver a smooth, uninterrupted water supply to customers at lower cost.

Looking to big data

Global Omnium leadership wanted to achieve a broad-reaching digital transformation, embedding state-of-the-art technology across its business to achieve efficiencies. As a first step, the company fitted Internet of Things (IoT) sensors across its sprawling network of pipes, reservoirs and dams. The sensors measure factors, such as volumes of water travelling through parts of the network, and transfer data to the company’s core SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications.

To process these rapid volumes of data flowing into the SAP landscape, Global Omnium’s leaders decided to migrate the SAP ERP applications to the SAP HANA in-memory database, which has immense processing power.

Stepping into the cloud

As Global Omnium transformed its business, the company was eager to keep its options open for future innovation. To maximize business agility, we decided to move the SAP estate to the cloud. For mission-critical SAP ERP applications, Global Omnium selected IBM Cloud bare metal servers. We were convinced by the platform’s strong emphasis on reliability and data security. To accommodate the SAP HANA databases, Global Omnium created virtual servers using IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions.

Unleashing colossal savings

Thanks to sharpened big-data capabilities, Global Omnium has unlocked key efficiencies across its business. For example, the company now pumps water into reservoirs only if energy costs are low, or if forecasted demand from the neighboring towns is high. By reducing energy bills, Global Omnium cut the cost of producing fresh drinking water by up to 10 percent, saving $1 million per year.

Global Omnium uses its Nexus Integra platform for managing sensor data combined with its SAP Plant Maintenance application to conduct predictive maintenance for its network, aiming to repair or replace components before they break. By avoiding component failures, Global Omnium can provide a more reliable water supply to customers and reduce the need for expensive emergency repairs.

As Global Omnium continues its transformation journey, IBM Cloud is providing a stable platform for the company’s vital SAP ERP applications. Moving our SAP landscape from an on-premises infrastructure to IBM Cloud helped Global Omnium reduce IT costs by 15 percent.

Read the case study for more details.

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