Buzz Radar Cognitive Command Center makes insights actionable with IBM Watson

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Buzz Radar cognitiveMarketing departments have long abandoned instinct and survey-based marketing favored by the mad men of old.

Marketing has evolved to a point where it is extremely sophisticated and complex, generating huge volumes of data from many different sources. CMOs increasingly have to work with CTOs to understand and wrangle this data to deliver effective strategy, creative work and tactics.

I was lucky enough to help lead some major, cutting-edge digital social campaigns. One of the consistent major pain points for us and every other marketing organization was how to take vast amounts sophisticated data and do clever things with it to generate clear, actionable insights.

This process is usually undertaken by teams of clever analysts executing labor-intensive manual tasks such as pulling data from the various social, web and ad platforms and running calculations on spreadsheets to gain effective insights. The data is then compiled into static reports or dashboards for the rest of the marketing team to consume. However, the reality is that by their very nature, and who they have been compiled by, much of an internal audience will find it hard to comprehend, engage with and take actionable insight from these reports.

This is what we wanted to fix by finding a way to take vast amounts of complex structured and unstructured marketing data, extract the most valuable insights from it and present it to marketers in a way that they can understand and act upon.

The Cognitive Command Center: AI driven insight, fueled by your data

Buzz Radar created the Cognitive Command Center to connect all of the marketing data in an organization into a real-time, animated dashboard. The company mission is “to make data accessible, insightful and actionable for everyone.”

Using AI, the Cognitive Command Center uncovers insights and displays them with meaningful visualizations. It’s like having a custom TV channel based around a company’s key consumer data.

The Cognitive Command Center uses IBM Watson technology and runs on the IBM Cloud.

Taking advantage of IBM Cloud

Buzz Radar was founded in 2012, and it wasn’t long before the company started working with IBM, first in supplying IBM with its revolutionary real-time marketing data visualization and command center technology, then migrating some of the company infrastructure to the IBM Cloud.

IBM offered advantages Buzz Radar’s previous cloud provider couldn’t, such as data security, flexibility and the cognitive technologies used to power the Cognitive Command Center.

Buzz Radar uses IBM Watson cognitive technology to perform advanced natural language, emotional and personality-based analysis across social and PR data to uncover key consumer insights. Watson technologies are also behind Buzz Radar’s Tombot, a cognitive marketing assistant named after Thomas Watson.

Focusing on building a great platform, not infrastructure

Using IBM Cloud means Buzz Radar doesn’t have to deal with the tedious aspects of server administration, which enables developers to focus on innovation. The company has been able to bring world-class developers on board who want to work with IBM Cloud and Watson technology.

With a significant proportion of Buzz Radar systems on IBM Cloud, it takes less time and cost to make changes or add capabilities, and that keeps them competitive.

Buzz Radar creates 400 new data visualizations for its customers a week, displaying insights gained from analyzing millions of social posts, ad impressions, news articles, blog posts and website clicks per hour.

It is analyzed using AI and presented in the Cognitive Command Center dashboard, insights platform and through its virtual insights assistant.

Being armed with this knowledge helps Buzz Radar clients act on insight in real time to generate immediate return on investment with the ability to adapt almost every aspect of their campaigns on the fly.

Among its success stories, Buzz Radar counts Heineken, Nokia Mobile, FX Network, Pret a Manger, IBM and the Consumer Technology Association.

Buzz Radar Cognitive Command Center

Read the case study for more details.

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