At the tipping point: Transformation in the contact center

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Contact centers are going through some serious changes, which may already be disrupting the status quo.

Customer engagement has dramatically altered businesses. Contact centers must now evolve into an “omnichannel” or multi-channel interaction hub. Communications are no longer limited to the traditional voice channel. Customers expect or even demand to engage with businesses seamlessly across multiple channels, including chat, mobile, the web and social media.

To make things even more challenging, customers want businesses to know them and their preferences so they can deliver services in a way that best fits customers’ personal needs. And the experience needs to be fast, efficient and easy.

Artificial intelligence is transforming the customer experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) is radically transforming the customer experience. This is only the beginning of the journey. AI has started a groundswell, and businesses are implementing steps toward deeper uses for AI in the contact center to enhance customer service and reduce costs. It’s a win-win.

To meet or even exceed these high expectations, IBM has combined the power of IBM Voice Gateway and Blueworx Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with the cognitive capabilities of Watson to deliver a fresh, powerful and unparalleled cognitive contact center experience.

The cognitive contact center makes use of data from external, internal, structured and unstructured voice and multichannel sources, enabling them to work together seamlessly to deliver a higher, more interactive level of service. The center can meet customer expectations using the cognitive ability to understand, reason and learn from every interaction. Businesses can then drive a new level of customer loyalty and secure relationships for the future.

IBM and Blueworx are unique in their delivery of a single solution that enables customers to use both traditional and cognitive IVR capabilities. The solution can be integrated within an existing contact center environment as well as other third-party applications such as computer telephony integration (CTI) or voice biometrics.

A more dynamic, multichannel, natural and fluid customer experience is the result of combining the power of the IBM Voice Gateway with Blueworx Voice Response. Customers get a more conversational approach to resolve problems or receive information about their inquiries more quickly than in traditional interactions handled by legacy contact centers.

Cognitive contact centers are driving customer connections

The contact center is at a tipping point. Transformation is not an option. It is required to meet the growing and complex expectations of customers today. IBM and Blueworx know contact centers and have combined to deliver a single-solution offering that enables businesses to not only connect into existing infrastructure, but also drive a deeper connection with the cognitive capabilities of Watson and help connect more meaningfully with customers.

Learn more about how IBM and Blueworx are helping businesses transform their contact centers and prepare for the next generation of customer experiences by attending an 8 May webinar at 11 AM Eastern Daylight Time, “Rethink Customer Engagement with the Powerful Combination of Blueworx, IBM Voice Gateway and Watson.”

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