Why cloud AI is a solid bet

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IBM AI CloudAt Think 2018 later this month, IBM will be showcasing cloud platforms, AI-based services and how the two work together to help businesses push forward. Forbes contributor Paul Teich recently highlighted why “being a leader in AI is a significant accomplishment for a company that is in its second century.”

First is the value of partnerships. Teich names NVIDIA, Mellanox Technologies, Micron Technology and Xilinx as companies benefiting from IBM server and AI technology. He notes that NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang will be on-hand to deliver the opening keynote at Think, and that Mellanox, Micron and Xilinx, along with NVIDIA, are platinum members of the IBM OpenPOWER Foundation. The annual OpenPOWER Summit will be concurrent and collocated with Think 2018.

Next, Teich focuses on long-term research and development, citing the numerous patents IBM has received in cloud, AI and other areas. He then discusses quantum computing, noting that IBM has been researching that field for two decades, calling the company a pioneer in next-generation processor architectures.

Read more about IBM Cloud, AI, partnerships, research and quantum computing in the full article at Forbes.

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