Train your team for disruption at Think 2018

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Think 2018 cloud disruptionBusiness as we know it has changed. If emerging technologies haven’t already reshaped your industry, it’s only a matter of time till they do. Some analysts are predicting that half of Fortune 500 companies will disappear in the next ten years. New challengers appear where we least expect them and incumbents face a choice: disrupt or be disrupted.

Last year, the IBM Hybrid Cloud team revealed our vision for how your business can harness these disruptive forces to your advantage. Technology has the power to help your organization thrive in a multicloud world: You can benefit from advances in AI while maintaining enterprise security and protecting existing investments. We showed you how an organization can achieve the IT agility of a startup while still enjoying the scale and security of an enterprise. Now your team can take another crucial step in that journey by registering to attend Think 2018 from March 19-22 in Las Vegas.

Think is designed it to be the ideal experience for you — the people building the future. Thousands of IT professionals and leaders will gather to learn from the top minds behind technologies like blockchain, IoT, AI and cloud computing. If your team is serious about innovation, this is an essential experience. Here are a few of the top reasons why:

Hear world-class speakers

Our visionary speakers overcome society’s most daunting challenges with a mix of technical prowess and real-world insights — and they’ll show you how to do the same. You’ll hear from leaders and specialists in your industry while also getting to rub shoulders with celebrities and innovators like former NFL player and educator Wade Davis, scientist and futurist Dr. Michio Kaku and astronaut and author Dr. Mae Jemison.

Train for the future

What better way to prepare for the disruptive impact of new technologies than to train directly with the people behind these innovations? Think Academy will connect your team with the brilliant minds behind the latest in cloud and other technologies. From deep-dive technical sessions to strategic customer case studies, we’ll help provide you with the tools you’ll need to transform your industry.

Network with the best

Think 2018 will bring together thousands of IT professionals and industry leaders. Executives from some of the world’s leading firms like American Airlines, General Motors and Royal Bank of Scotland will attend. They’ll be joined by leaders from inspiring organizations such as Khan Academy and Plastic Beach. It’s a great opportunity to form partnerships, learn best practices and connect with potential customers.

These are only a few of the many reasons why you should attend this event. The team here at IBM is working tirelessly to help our clients take the journey towards disruption. We believe in the power of the partnership between human and machine and we know your team can continue to achieve amazing things. Come meet with us and learn how the latest advances in cloud technology can help your organization beat the competition and change the world. Be sure to register today.

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