Suunto builds open, online sensor development platform on IBM Cloud

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Suunto sensor developmentAs technology evolves, sports are becoming increasingly digitized. For fans and participants, data-based insights are commonly part of the experience. Professional athletes can use technology to track speed and strength training, measure technique and skills, analyze tactics, collect statistics and more.

Now this technology can be available to athletes on all levels.

Sharing sensor technology

Since 1936, Suunto has been at the forefront of design and innovation for sports watches, dive computers and sports instruments. Recently, the company developed a microsensor capable of measuring any movement that can be made by the human body to help with the design of its sports tracking products.

It wasn’t long before Suunto found that its new Movesense sensor was suited for additional purposes and could appeal to a much broader audience, not only helping athletes take training and performance to the next level, but also for applications across industries.

The company opened up its sensor technology to a wider community of companies, developers, and individual enthusiasts. To help the community to build comprehensive end user solutions, Suunto needed cloud technology to host and support a versatile, open developer environment.

Partnering with IBM

Working with IBM Business Partner Symbio, Suunto created an open, online developer kit to facilitate use of Movesense with IBM Cloud solutions. Novices and experts alike can explore and experiment with Suunto’s sensor data in an IBM environment where they can integrate analytics capabilities with the Movesense API, developer tools and software libraries.

Building applications with Movesense accelerates time to market. Developers can experiment and create wearable, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions without having to spend a significant amount time and resources building their own smart-sensor hardware or development environment.

The sensor in use

Already, this has enabled more than 400 developers in the Suunto ecosystem to devise a wide range of fascinating projects.

One company is developing a novel, lightweight, mobile platform for coaching and rehabilitation use. Another has created an activity sensor that measures both the duration and the intensity of the physical activity of a child during play. Yet another creates wearable solutions for automated monitoring of animal well being. In addition, there are dozens of exciting projects in the pipeline that are not yet published.

Any developer who would like to try it out can check out the IBM developer recipe and sample apps written by Movesense experts at Symbio and connect a Suunto Movesense sensor to the IBM Cloud using mobile phone as a gateway.

Get more details in the case study.

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