Building a cloud strategy? Learn from the best at Think 2018

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Some providers seem to believe every IT challenge has the exact same solution: migrate to their cloud. The truth is that your organization’s cloud needs aren’t like anyone else’s. Every industry has its own set of IT issues and opportunities. Some firms may rely on multiple cloud providers, while others may require specific security precautions. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

That’s why the team here at IBM has worked tirelessly to gather some of the world’s leading cloud experts for Think 2018 this March. We understand your unique IT challenges and we want to connect you with the people who can help.

At Think 2018, IBM’s best and brightest will team up with other experts to help organizations like yours build a plan for success. The event will feature more than a thousand training sessions, speakers from a diverse range of industries, hands-on demos and countless chances to meet with technical experts. Sound intriguing? Let’s take a closer look at some top innovators who will attend.

  • Dr. DJ Patil: Today’s business world is overflowing with data. But how do you make sense of all that information? How will you find the insights that will give your organization an edge? Dr. Patil is here to help. He served as the United States government’s first-ever Chief Data Scientist. He’s used big data to do everything from fight cancer to defend the nation from cyber warfare. Now he’s attending Think 2018 to help your organization succeed.
  • Jeff Jonas: For any large organization, compliance is an IT challenge by itself. Perhaps nobody is better suited to help your company with this than Jeff Jonas. Jeff is a prominent data scientist and entrepreneur who has founded multiple successful companies. Currently, he is at Senzing, where he channels his expertise towards helping organizations prepare for GDPR.
  • Maya Leibman: As Chief Information Officer of American Airlines, Maya has demonstrated how a strong business leader can use IT to empower her organization. Learn the best practices and strategies Maya has uncovered while leading IT for one of the world’s most admired companies.
  • John Graham Cumming: John is the Chief Technical Officer of Cloud Flare, a company that provides a content delivery network, DDoS migration and internet security services. This Oxford computer scientist and writer has an in-depth understanding of cloud, security and technical leadership. Don’t miss his insights.

This list of outstanding people only scratches the surface of the hundreds of brilliant, passionate experts attending Think 2018. The event will include NFL players, scientists, actors, engineers, educators and even an astronaut. This will be a place for movers and shakers to share ideas and unleash the power of innovation. Don’t miss out. Visit the Think website to register today.

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