New IBM storage offerings look to cloud-based future

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Forbes and other outlets reported this week that IBM has expanded its software-defined storage offerings, including the cloud-enabled Spectrum Protect Plus.

The latest version of Spectrum Protect Plus, which clones and recovers important data, can run on IBM Cloud during the storage provisioning process. Beyond that, IBM Cloud Object Storage now can support HDDs of up to 12 terabytes.

The reason for the overall expansion of software-defined storage is rooted in cloud. According to The Next Platform, increasing demand for storage comes from “the rapid increase in the amount of data that is being generated, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities that are enabling that data to be more quickly collected, processed and analyzed, and the migration of business data and applications to multiple public and private clouds.”

Eric Herzog, vice president of product marketing and management for IBM Storage Systems, explained further, “Driven by the exponential volumes of data growth and the underlying value in this huge treasure trove of information, many 21st century enterprises are moving quickly to modernize their traditional IT infrastructures while taking advantage of multi-cloud architectures and AI applications.”

For more about new IBM software-defined storage offerings, read the full stories at Forbes and The Next Platform.

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